Yeti Yard Games
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meet The Game makers


Eli Block began making yard games at the request of his wife, Candi.

What began as a small request to build a giant Jenga set for their own wedding, soon turned in to a list of requests for Eli to make a variety of yard games for her wedding clients. Eli should win husband of the year for tackling all of those projects, although he will be the first to admit he loves building the games.  As the number of clients buying the games increased, Yeti Yard Games was born.

Why "Yeti"? The first game Eli created was a giant Jenga set, and he found a cool wood branding iron of a tree, which was added to each piece. When the request came to make two corn hole sets, he wanted to find something that was a bit more memorable and fun, and thus he found a Yeti wood branding iron to go along with the trees. From there, the games were dubbed "Yeti Yard Games".

And, while he's not the reason for the name Yeti Yard Games, Eli and Candi also have a pretty adorable puppy name Yeti. 

Candi Block, the wife referred to above, runs the business side of Yeti Yard Games, along with Block Weddings & Events, her wedding planning company. Requests for games, payments, delivery, and questions are all managed through her.

Candi and Eli make a great team, one the brains and one the brawn.  When they aren't making games or out at an event, they are likely tackling a home renovation project or two. To be fair, the list of ideas from Candi, and therefore the list of projects for Eli, never really ends, but isn't that what being married is all about? There's never a dull moment for these two!